I’m Visiting.  What can I expect on a Sunday morning?


Our Sundays differ significantly from almost all other churches you’ve been to.  First thing we do is go to the Red Cup Café for a half-hour of Coffee & Conversation.  Red Cup is the “in” place to be in Old Town Mukilteo… and they of course have the best coffee around.


Next thing you’ll notice is that we hold our Sunday services in Mukilteo’s Community Center.  It’s a gorgeous facility, and our room has windows on two sides, facing the water, so most people sit where they can see the ocean (but don’t tell Don!).  Pretty much every Sunday is accented with the ferry horn.


Then, you’ll discover that our Pastor wears shorts almost all year long (he’s from Minnesota).  Yes, we’re pretty casual; come as you are.  Jesus Christ knows we’re not perfect or polished (we’re all “works in progress”), so, we shouldn’t pretend to be.  We are all in various stages of walking-out the path God has for us.  We have talents and skills that are constantly being learned and practiced, so JBC gives us opportunity and grace to try.  That’s why you’ll see all of us participating in many areas of the church, because we’re all learning and doing… together.  No worship band yet, though (hint, hint), so we use technology with a sound system.  We always have biblical teaching & lively fellowship – before, during, and after.  Our goal is for believers and seekers alike to connect with God and enjoy community and social interaction with one another.


Our tables have paper and colored pencils for doodling.  Some people need to draw or write to stay focused and engaged.  Oh, and it’s not just for kids!


And finally, you’ll see that our services are just about an hour long, but we do tend to chat longer in the parking lot or at Red Cup Café afterward!



Do you have an extemporaneous, narrative, expository preaching style?


Wow!  I had to look those words up.  Yes, sometimes we do have sermons with well-written-out notes, explaining Biblical passages, line by line, in practical and relevant words… and Don likes surprises, so many “punch lines” are at the end.  However, we also have a probably equal amount of “application” messages: sermons of hope and encouragement for life’s struggles, using Biblical truths as foundational support.

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